About the Choir Player

The Choir Player is a 3FireMusic project.

3Fire has a player which features multi-track audio. This is used by all kinds of musicians including professional bands and music teachers. www.3firemusic.com.

The idea of a multi-track player came from record producer and BIMM lecturer Mark Flannery. And the Choir Player came about following a meeting between Mark and one of his former students, choir leader Jane Reeves.

“Mark showed me some multitrack technology he’d created which BIMM was using as a teaching resource. I knew immediately it would work for choirs. But it had to look and feel different. The BIMM player was like a studio mixing desk – I felt we needed something simpler, more intuitive. My lovely choristers at the Archway became our focus group. A big thank you to them for their patience and valuable feedback.”

Having been instrumental in the birth of Choir Player, Jane took on the role of Musical Director. She is responsible for song selection, arrangements and recording.
“I believe that the Choir Player is a fantastic tool for both Choir leaders and their members. There’s no way I would endorse it if I didn’t. As a Choir Leader myself I use it all the time. The bad old days of CD’s seem a long way off now. The Choir Player is a perfect fit for the digital age.”

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