Sea Shanties: the perfect choice for choirs and singing groups

Sea Shanties are everywhere and we can’t get enough of them!

Let’s think about sea shanties for a minute – what actually are they?

A Capella of course, repeated sections and a heap of gloomy minor resolutions! The stomping rhythms are addictive and whether you’re singing along or not you might find your foot tapping regardless.

Sea Shanties are a great choice for choirs or singing groups because the harmonies are predictable and the words repetitive so even the beginner vocalists can join in with satisfying gusto on the choruses.

Hailing from all countries with a seafaring tradition (Wellerman, for example, is a New Zealand shanty) these songs were created ‘on the job’ so to speak to keep the spirits of the sailors high and the oars and work consistent.

A winner for all singing groups – check out our Sea Shanty section and get yourself a rum to warm the cockles!

Our current list of Sea Shanties includes:

  • The Wellerman
  • Drunken Sailor
  • Yeave-Ho
  • The Times Are Hard
  • A Long Time Ago Pulling Chanty
  • ‘Tis of a Gallant Southerner
  • A-Roving

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