How to use Choir Player to practice on your own

Choir Player is great for practice as well as a performance tool.

Here are 10 steps that a choir member could follow in a private practice session.

Learning your SATB vocal part with Choir Player

Let’s say you want to learn the Soprano part. You could do it like this:

  1. Mute the Alto, Tenor and Bass parts so all you hear is Soprano + Backing Track. You can now hear
    your part very clearly and get familiar with it.
  2. Reduce the Soprano part to half volume and sing along. On-screen lyrics are available to help you..
    Slow it down if you need to.
  3. Mute the Soprano part so it’s just you and the Backing Track. If you don’t know it as well as you
    thought repeat Step 2.
  4. With Soprano still muted turn Alto up to half volume. Sing along and check you can hold your own
    against the Alto part. Make sure you’re not thrown by what the Alto is singing. You will hear how the
    Soprano and Alto parts fit together and complement each other. Turn Alto up to full volume and sing
    through again until you are confident.
  5. Bring in the Tenor and Bass parts – either one at a time or both together. Introduce them at half
    volume at first or go straight to full volume depending on how confident you feel.
  6. So now you’re perfect – right? Well here’s the big test. Activate the Record & Review feature and
    sing the song again. You are now replacing the original Soprano part with your own vocal. Save this
    new version of the recording. You will find it in My Performances which is accesses from the menu.
    Don’t worry you won’t lose the original.
  7. Review your performance. Listen to it with all the other parts up full, then listen to it with all the
    other parts muted. If perfect, pat yourself on the back and reward yourself as you see fit. If not – go
    to Step 8.
  8. Identify any Section of the song that isn’t as good as you would like. Then go back to the original
    recording. Use the Loop function to isolate that Section so it repeats over and over. If you are still
    having difficulty use the Speed function to slow the music down till you get it right, then go back to
    full speed.
  9. Activate the Record & Review feature and record your performance again.
  10. Assess and Repeat Steps 6-10 until you are happy.

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