Choir Player app features list

Full listing of all the  features in the Choir Player app:

  • SEPARATE VOLUME CONTROL of Soprano, Alto, Tenor, Bass and Backing track: The volume level of
    all 5 parts can be set exactly how you want them including turning any of the parts off completely.
  • SOLO: A shortcut to isolating any 1 part (same as muting the other 4).
  • RESET LEVELS: Instantly reset all 5 parts to full volume
  • LYRICS: Scroll on screen as the song progresses. You can see which vocal part is singing which lines. The lyric feature can be switched on and off.
  • RECORD & REVIEW: Replace any of the parts with your own performance and save as a new
    recording (without losing the original). Any number of the parts can be replaced so it is possible to
    make a completely new recording.
  • GO TO SECTION: Instantly jump to any song section (verse, bridge, chorus etc.)
  • LOOP: Tap the Loop button at any point in the song and the section which is playing will repeat until
    Loop is tapped again.
  • SPEED: Slow down or speed up the tempo without changing pitch.
  • PITCH: Change key
  • RESET SPEED/PITCH: Instantly return the tempo and key to the original settings
  • REMOVE/RESTORE SONGS: So you don’t have to store all of them on your device

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