Benefits for Choirleaders – Choir Player

Benefits for Choir Leaders

Here are some of the game-changing benefits ChoirApp can offer choir masters.

Sourcing Songs

The Choir Player library includes over 130 songs and more are added every week. The choir
arrangements and backing tracks are all done for you. All recordings are made and owned by Choir
Player and buying the tracks gives you all the rights you need for rehearsal and performance.

Distributing Music

Once your choir members have downloaded your chosen songs you won’t have to duplicate CD’s or
produce – 1 mixes. And there will be no need to copy lyric sheets which you often need permission

Every choir member can have access to every part of the song and on-screen lyrics.


There are many ways to amplify the music coming from your phone or tablet. If you need help read
more… [takes you to article Mark is writing]

You will then be able to use Choir Player in many ways including

  • Instantly jump to any Section of the song
  • Loop and repeat any Section of the song
  • If you are short of say, Basses – add a little of the Bass vocals to the mix

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