Benefits for Choir Leaders

Here are some of the game-changing benefits Choir Player can offer choir leaders.

Sourcing songs and arrangements for choirs

The Choir Player library includes over 500 songs and more are added regularly. The choir arrangements and backing tracks are all done for you. All recordings are made and owned by Choir Player and subscribing gives you all the rights you need for rehearsal and performance.

The Player is dynamic and can use variants of SATB to suit your choir. An arrangement could work just with Soprano and Alto singers and you could include Tenor and Bass in the backing track to add weight at the lower end. 

Whilst arrangements are generally SATB, some are SSAA but these can be adapted to SATB with the AAs down an octave for the Tenors and Basses.

Distributing music to your choir legally

Once your choir members have accessed your chosen songs you won’t have to duplicate CDs or produce mixes. And there will be no need to copy lyric sheets which you often need permission for.

Every choir member can have access to every part of the song and on-screen lyrics.

Choir Player has all the licensing sorted with PRS so there is no need for illegal CD duplication.

Read more about music licensing and how to stay within the law as a choir leader.

Making choir rehearsals easy

There are many ways to amplify the music coming from your phone or tablet. Either plug the phone in to a PA or speaker, or alternately use bluetooth to connect. This means you can walk around your choir with your phone in your hand and without any trailing wires.

You will then be able to use Choir Player in many ways including

  • Instantly jump to any Section of the song
  • Loop and repeat any Section of the song
  • If you are short of say, Basses – add a little of the Bass vocals to the mix

Watch the video below to see how Jane Reeves uses Choir Player to run her choir rehearsals.

Check out all the other Choir Player features here.

You can send a setlist of the songs you want your members to practice, so they can sign-up individually and have access to the Choir Player for practising at home.

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