Reviews of Choir Player

Reviews from Choir Leaders

“I am a choir leader for a small group of parent singers at our local school. Thank you for your great app”
Jacqueline Bignell

“I absolutely love your app and find it very useful to help teach a great choice of songs to my choir
Thanks for the new ability to record performances, which is great.”
Bev Miatke

“Love the App. We started a choir only 2 weeks ago…and have found the app invaluable, especially as someone who has no experience with leading a choir…No experience with arranging music…who cannot read music…A great way to start a choir.”
Brendan Furlong

“Thank you SO much for developing Choir Player. I love your repertoire and your price point
I’ll be showing it to my fellow community choir leaders here in Brisbane, Australia.”
Elizabeth Savina

“Like your app… I am training children in voices and this will help me.”
Winsome Gomes

“This app is brilliant and as a choir leader it gives me so much to work with in all of the choirs I lead.
As a choir leader and professional singer it really saves my voice – so just want to say a huge thank you to you for all your immense hard work. Brilliant app!”
Jacky Ayres

“This app looks absolutely amazing and you guys will be the first to revolutionise how directors like me enable our choir members to listen and learn our tracks! I really can’t wait to see this evolve. You guys have finally filled a void for an application like this so desperately needed to the millions of choirs across the world and I can tell you now, you are going to absolutely fly!”
Jamie Serafi, Creative Director, Cool Choir Canada

“Thanks for a great app!”
Pam Ringo, Director, Bluegrass Harmony Chorus
Louisville, Kentucky

“This is a wonderful app and its very helpful for choir rehearsal”

“Not sure I can tell you how excited I am!!! Thank you.”
Roz McCleod, Vocal Coach, Musical Director – the Heart & Soul Choir

“I have just come across this app today and I am so excited. It is going to save me a lot of time as a choir director.”
Charlotte Horslet – Choir Director

“Thx for an awesome app!”
Gabrielle Johnson

“It’s great to have an app like Choirplayer”
Jeremy Lim

“Thanks for developing such a wonderful App”

“It is a terrific app! Congrats on this wonderful app.”
Jenny Simpson, CEO, Awesome Arts Australia

“Fantastic app – I think this is exactly what I’ve been looking for!”
Sharon – The Big Choir London

“Firstly I want to say THANK YOU! what a fantastic APP.
I run a choir in Nerja, Spain (Costa del Sol) and it is a valuable tool.”
Georgette Cullum

“I’ve been using choir player for a while now and am really happy”
Eileen Andrich

“My choir are going to love the app”
Charlie Tetley

“This is a great App as I run a fun work choir but cant play the piano to save my life!!!”
Georgina Coster

“I have spent the past 4 days teaching at The National Youth Theatre of a Great Britain where many of our well respected actors in the U.K began their career. It was an intensive teaching schedule as I had 300 young adults between 14-17 split into groups of 30 and only had 2 hours to teach them two songs. I chose Lean on Me and A Human. I did them as three part harmonies without bass as that would have been a week of added stress.
The first rehearsal with all 300 students took place yesterday and it sounded amazing. Helped by the fact that they recorded their harmonies on their phone and having the ability to turn off the ‘safety blanket’ of the track as well as reducing the volume of say the lead vocals while working on a harmony allowing for a guide in the background. This app has been a game changer for me and has been productive in so many ways. One of which saving my voice from getting trashed as I didn’t need to sing.
Thank you for creating something that is now an absolute go to in my tool box
I’ve been recommending your app and singing its praises!”
Sophie Garner

“I just want to say thank you for responding incredibly fast to my first email, the feed back plus the amazing features of this app makes me a fan for life. This App is all I’ve been dreaming but unable to describe.”
Susy Tucker

Reviews from choir members

“I recently got the Choir Player App for my Apple iPad and was very pleased as I had just joined a choir and it was very helpful in learning my parts.”
Ena Wynes

“We are a new choir and have just started to use the app. It is a fantastic tool.”
Cheryl Henley

“Hello I am part of a small group and I came across your app and knew it would be a huge benefit to our group”
Constance Goldsmith

“Our small choir has enjoyed learning The Rose from Choir Player. It’s great for learning individual parts and seeing if you can sing it with the other parts in (or out).”
Jackie Olive

“I have purchased a few tracks and I am really pleased.”
Phil Thomas

Other reviews

“I have recently downloaded your app and I have to say it’s fantastic. I’ve been looking for an app like this for some time now and when I found it, I was blown away by it. The interface is simple and intuitive. I was up and running in seconds.”
Andrew O’Leary

“Love the music choices on here”
Jessica Bate

“I must confess, this is really mind blowing. I love it. It’s a great App.”
Desmond Prominent

I have Choir Player in my iPhone and iPad. It’s brill by the way !
Suzanne Grainger

“I love your app”
Beatrisa Hellstrom

“I love Choir Player”
Linda Scard

“I so love this app”
Augustine F Saah

“Brilliant app”

“I like the app a lot, I think it’s very clever and useful. Congrats on a great product.”
Jessica McGowan




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