Choir Player prices

The Choir Player is free-of-charge to try.
There is a free song for you to experiment with.
You simply access it here:

Choir Player

If you want to use Choir Player you can simply take out a subscription.

The subscription will give you access to our repertoire of songs so you can practice at home. And, of course, you can use Choir Player in your rehearsals and performances. All songs are included in your monthly membership fees. You can create (within the Choir Player) a setlist of the songs you want your members to practice. Email or post the setlist on your choir’s social media and encourage the members to sign up as individuals following the link. The members will be able to access the songs once they have signed up as an individual.

Why have a Choir Player subscription?

Choir Player is designed to make your life as a choir leader much simpler. It’s functions save you time and stress whilst making rehearsals (and at-home practice for choir members) a dream.

Choir Player leaves you hands-free to work with your choir members without the need to play piano yourself. With your phone accessing the Choir Player in your pocket you can move around your rehearsal space pausing and repeating song sections as you go – you can even slow sections down as well as isolate and mute song parts. You can mix and adjust each vocal part so that your members can hear exactly what they are supposed to be singing.

Your subscription gets you access to over 500 arrangements by some of the world’s best known arrangers.

How much does a Choir Player subscription cost?

  • An individual subscription is £3 a month which represents excellent value for money
  • You can start, adjust or end your subscription at any time


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